About Rearden

Rearden was founded by Steve Perlman in 2000 to create an environment for the exploration and development of new art and technology, with particular emphasis on the interplay and synergy between the two worlds. Steve provides the overall vision and leadership for Rearden, supported by a world-class team of engineers, artists and scientists.

Most Rearden companies start out as internal projects envisioned and developed by Rearden’s cross-functional team of artists and technologists. Rearden provides the management, infrastructure and funding, while the team shapes, adapts and focuses the projects until they are ready to be released. Typically, projects are released within the for- or not-for-profit business framework of a Rearden subsidiary or a Rearden spin-off company that supports a particular service, creative work, or technology, and establishes a sustainable business model around it. Through this process internal Rearden projects are carried from conception, to refinement, and finally to the market as ongoing business entities.

Rearden internal projects generally are kept under wraps until they are about to be released within business entities or as licensed products. For example, OnLive spent seven years in stealth development before officially launching in March 2009, and Contour Reality Capture technology spun out from Rearden Labs into Mova in 2006 after 5 years in stealth mode. Another Rearden-developed technology, the Moxi® Media Center, spun out into Moxi Digital, which merged with another company in 2002. Rearden currently has 4 creative entities and 5 technology entities operating under its umbrella.

Rearden also has a strong commitment to the community and the world. Rearden periodically makes its facilities and resources available to independent artists and technologists to help bring their projects into existence. You will find several of these listed as project examples on Rearden company pages.